Soldier Vegetable

Horchata de Pistacho
Time Out Hong Kong Bar Awards 2018 – Best New Bar!

Out foraging for this overlooked beauty known as “Biden Pilosa” for one of our cocktail garnishes ! Taste extremely nutty with a crunchy texture.
@coahongkong Is closed on Mondays but our @jayrummy will be behind the bar @quinaryhk today from 7-10pm to showcase a few of our signature cocktails. Order the Horchata de Pistacho if you want to try the Bidens flower.
Fun fact about Bidens Pilosa: Although this plant is considered a weed in some parts of the world, in other parts it is a source of food or medicine. For example, it is reportedly widely eaten in Africa, and in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War soldiers adopted the herb as a vegetable, which lead to it being known as the "soldier vegetable".

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